October 24, 2021

L-531 Toyotomi Laser Vented Heater

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The Toyotomi* L-531 Laser Vented Heater

22,000 BTU Space Heater

Price: $ 2,550 CAD [ex. shipping]
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The renowned Toyotomi* sealed combustion, direct vent heating systems are the most fuel-efficient, energy saving, heating systems available, they use up to 50% less fuel to heat the same space as other heaters in their class, and have substantially lower carbon dioxide emissions, up to 50% less CO² than traditional diesel fuel oil-fired home and cottage heating systems. This, along with the quiet comfort, built-in safety features and legendary dependability are all reasons the Toyostoves and Oil Miser space heaters have become the most popular direct vented oil heating systems in the extreme and varied climate zones of Canada.

The Toyotomi* direct vented oil fired heating systems can provide all the comfort and convenience of a central heating system in one easy to install, compact sized package at a fraction of the cost to purchase and operate than conventional space heaters and central heating installations. They require no chimney, or ductwork, plumbing or electrical work. In most cases, these units will heat your entire home.

  • Automatically regulate between low, medium and high temperature settings
  • New Wi-Fi feature allows changing temperature remotely from App on your Apple or Android device
  • Self shut-off when room rises approximately 4° above the desired temperature

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Fuel consumption:

High 22,000 BTU/hr
0.77 Liter/hr
Medium 15,000 BTU/h
0.50 Liter/hr
Low 8,000 BTU/h
0.27 Liter/hr

Toyostoves, fuel oil direct vent space heaters are ideal for garages, basements, cottages, exploration camps, hunting and skiing cabins, and chalets, agricultural locations, work shops, tent, ice fishing, emergency shelters, and are further certified for installation in mobile homes and pre-fabricated housing. Anywhere there is a cold space that needs to be heated efficiently and with minimal installation requirements. In recent years they have become popular with mining and exploration camps as they can pay for themselves in one heating season with the high prices of fuel in remote locations.

*The TOYOTOMI line-up of Toyostove & Oil Miser direct-vent (sealed combustion) oil-fired heating products feature ease of installation, quiet, efficient energy saving operation, and micro-control. Powerful forced air circulating fans, with precise thermostatic control, 3 heat levels and fan speeds, and self-diagnostic functions. High efficiency (87%), safe and reliable, these quality units are manufactured in Japan

These stoves and heaters are designed for use only with clean;

Kerosene, No. 1 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil, or winter home heating fuel oil, the same diesel they pump at service stations all over Canada 

Laser 531 – Weight and shipping sizes:

 Width  Depth  Height  Weight
 23″  20″  26″  45 lbs
 59cm  51cm  67cm  21 kg


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  • Wi-Fi compatible (New)
  • Sealed, direct-vented system means no drafts,
    no chimney, no special duct work or construction
  • Compact Size
  • Contemporary Design
  • Thermostatically Controlled
  • 4-Cycle Burning Mode
  • “Shut-Off” Safety System
  • Clock Settings
  • Programmable Temperature Settings
  • Programmable Weekly Timer with up to 30 Different On/Off Intervals
  • Power Failure Recovery System
    (at least 30 Minute Backup for Time)
  • Cool Top Cabinet and Side Panels
  • Display Room temperature, set Temperature and error code
  • Automatic Igniter Cleaning Cycle
  • Only 3″ Hole in Wall Needed for Flue Pipe
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Safe: ETL and CETL home and mobile home Listed
  • Easy to Install and Operate

Complete Specifications:

Model: Laser 531 Vented Heater
Ignition: Porcelain Igniter
Fuel Type: #1 stove oil, K-1 kerosene, Arctic Diesel, Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel.
ASTM D3699 1-K Kerosene
ASTM D396 Low Sulfur No.1 Fuel Oil
ASTM D975 Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil/ Diesel
Efficiency: 92.4%
Heating Area 900 Sq. Ft. at ( 0°F)
1150 Sq. Ft. at ( 20°F)
Heat Rating: High – 22,000 BTU/h
Med – 15,000 BTU/h
Low – 8,000 BTU/H
Fuel Consumption: High – 0.165 gal./h  .62 liter
Med –  0.113 gal./h  .42 liter
Low –  0.060 gal./h  .23 liter
Type of Tank: Exterior Tank
Dimensions (W x H x D): 19-5/8“ × 23-5/8“ × 16-1/2“
Weight: 38 lbs. (Empty)   17.2 KG
Vent Pipe Hole: 2-3/4″ – 3″ (Diameter)
Maximum Length of Flue Vent Pipe System: 10 ft., 3 bends or less, 300cm.
Electrical Rating: 120 Volts AC, 60 Hz
Preheat: 240 Watts
Burning: 48 Watts
* 0° F Heat Load = 24 BTU/ft²/hr
20° F Heat Load = 20 BTU/ft²/hr
Room size for which this heater is suitable will vary depending on outside temperature, house insulation, window size and other factors.
* "Toyotomi", "Toyostove", "Oil Miser" are registered trademarks of Toyotomi Co., LTD.